El Mochito Mine

El Mochito is an underground zinc/silver mine located in the Santa Barbara Mountains in north-central Honduras. Tierra Group’s Team has been providing Tailings Stewardship Services at El Mochito continuously for the past 26 years. Since 1989, Tierra Group engineers have provided engineering consultancy, design, and construction services for three tailings storage facilities (El Bosque, Pozo Azul, and Soledad) to maintain continuous mining operations.

Being located in the tropics, tailings management at El Mochito has been fraught with many challenges including; monsoons, floods, karstik terrain, debris flows, constructing with tropical soils (laterite and saprolite), and social unrest. During the full mine life-cycle of three tailings storage facilities, Tierra Group has persevered with the owners and mine management to maintain continual operations with zero lost-time accidents.

Project Highlights

  • Upstream Cyclone Tailings Dam Design
  • Downstream Earthfill Tailings Dam Designs
  • Geologic Hazards Assessment
  • Detailed Design for Construction
  • As-Built Drawings
  • Emergency Action Plans
  • Operations Plans
  • Risk Analyses
  • CQA
  • Sighting and Alternatives Analyses

Project Photos

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