Falconbridge Nickel Mine

Falconbridge Nickel Mine Geotechnical Risk Evaluation

Prior to joining Tierra Group, our Team was in charge of a site-wide geotechnical risk assessment for a 40-year old operating nickel mine. The risk assessment encompassed 10 massive waste rock dumps and six sediment control dams located across a 40-kilometer (km) long mine property. Performed slope stability and dam breach flood inundation analyses to prioritize these structures in terms of geohazard risk and liability. Recommendations for remedial action were taken for the priority structures. Developed engineering designs for mitigating the potential risks. (Vector Colorado, LLC, 2005 to 2006)

Project Highlights

  • Geotechnical Risk Assessments
  • Geologic Hazards Assessments
  • Slope Stability Analyses
  • Waste Rock Dump Design
  • Dam Rehabilitation
  • Operations Support

Project Photos

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