mayo 31, 2018

“In-Pit Tailings Storage - Converting Liabilities Into Assets”

Matt Fuller, CPG, P.Geo.; Tierra Group International, Ltd. Following the August 2014 Mt. Polly tailings dam breach in British Columbia, Canada, the British Columbia Government, through the Ministry of Energy and MInes, together with the Williams Lake Indian Band and the…

mayo 31, 2017

“Tailings Stewardship: Training from the Tailings Beach to the Board Room”

Matt Fuller, CPG;  Tierra Group International, Ltd. Abstract: Implementing a Corporate Tailings Stewardship Strategy begins in the Board Room with a corporate pledge to zero-tailings dam failures and, like a safety culture, extends throughout the organization to the boots-on-the-ground TSF…

noviembre 28, 2016

“Tailings Stewardship - Adding Value to Due Diligence”

Matt Fuller, CPG; Tierra Group International, Ltd. Jim Shultz; Tierra Group International, Ltd. ABSTRACT: Acquiring new properties to increase production is a strategy for growing your mining business and, not unlike buying a used car, caveat emptor (let the buyer beware). It…

octubre 8, 2016

Field Identification and Mitigation of Geosynthetic Clay Liner Seam Separation in a Tailings Impoundment Composite Liner System

Peter E. Kowalewski, P.E.; Tierra Group International, Ltd.1; Kevin Sessions, P.E.; Tierra Group International, Ltd. (former, now at Barrick Goldstrike Mine)2; Justin Knudsen, P.E.; Tierra Group International, Ltd.3; Adrien Butler, P.E.; Tierra Group International, Ltd.4; Andrew Jung; CETCO5 Abstract: The…

octubre 5, 2016

Stress Redistribution of Adjacent Solution Collection Pipes

Marvin Silva, Tierra Group International, Ltd., USA; Francisco Barrios, Tierra Group International, Ltd., USA ABSTRACT: Corrugated dual-walled polyethylene pipes are commonly used in the solution collection system of heap leaching facilities. Under load, these pipes tend to deflect, thereby developing…

octubre 5, 2016

Solution Collection Pipes on Slopes

Marvin Silva, Tierra Group International, Ltd., USA; Jose Cordova, Agnico Eagle Mexico, Mexico; Francisco Barrios, Tierra Group International, Ltd., USA ABSTRACT: The solution collection system commonly used in heap leach facilities consists of a basal drainage layer of crushed rock…

febrero 25, 2014

Incertidumbre en PMP e Intervalos Recurrentes – Diseño Basado en Estimaciones de Tormenta de Datos DispersosEstimates from Sparse Data

Gene Bosely, P.E., Tierra Group, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA; Pete Kowalewski, P.E., Tierra Group, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA; and Marybeth Dowell, Tierra Group, Elko, Nevada, USA ABSTRACT: Dam safety and pollution control considerations require large, infrequent precipitation events…

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agosto 13, 2013

Revestimiento de Pendientes de Roca Empinadas con Revestimiento de Geomembranas para Facilitar la Ampliación del Depósito de Colas

J. Purdy, P.E. y M. Fuller, R.G., Tierra Group, Golden, Colorado, USA; T. Meyer, P.E., Tetra Tech, Grand Junction, Colorado, USA; S. Douglas y A. Lagos, Nyrstar, Mina El Mochito, Honduras ABSTRACT: Geomembrane liners are increasingly used to provide containment…

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enero 16, 2013

Estudio de la Fusión de la Nieve y el Aspecto Físico en la Simulación de los Resultados de Recubrimiento

  Amy L. Hudson, REM, Marybeth Dowell, y Pete Kowalewski, P.E.Tetra Tech, Littleton, Massachusetts, USA, [email protected] Group International, Ltd., Elko, Nevada, USA, [email protected] Group International, Ltd., Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, [email protected] Abstract It has become common practice to consider…

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enero 15, 2013

Animación de realidad virtual de la mina propuesta El Dorado en el Salvador que ayuda a los reguladores a revisar un EIA

Matthew L. Fuller, Vector Colorado, LLC, Golden, COFrederick H. Earnest, Pacific Rim El Salvador, Cabañas, El Salvador Troy Holm, Vector Colorado, LLC, Golden, CO Abstract An interactive, three-dimensional video animation was developed that provides a fly-over and walk-around view of…

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