May 31, 2018

“In-Pit Tailings Storage - Converting Liabilities Into Assets”

Matt Fuller, CPG, P.Geo.; Tierra Group International, Ltd. Following the August 2014 Mt. Polly tailings dam breach in British Columbia, Canada, the British Columbia Government, through the Ministry of Energy and MInes, together with the Williams Lake Indian Band and the Soda Creek Indian Band, chartered an independent expert investigation and review panel (the Panel) to investigate and report on the dam breach, In addition to determining the cause of the Mt. Polly dam breach, the Panel (Morgenstern, Van Zyl, and Vick)was requested to make recommendations to government on actions that could be taken to ensure that similar failure does not occur at other mine sites. One of the Panels recommendations was... Download Paper: In-Pit Tailings Storage - Converting Liabilities Into Assets (en inglés)