January 15, 2013

Animación de realidad virtual de la mina propuesta El Dorado en el Salvador que ayuda a los reguladores a revisar un EIA

 Matthew L. Fuller, Vector Colorado, LLC, Golden, CO
Frederick H. Earnest, Pacific Rim El Salvador, Cabañas, El Salvador Troy Holm, Vector Colorado, LLC, Golden, CO
 AbstractAn interactive, three-dimensional video animation was developed that provides a fly-over and walk-around view of Pacific Rim Mining Corporations proposed El Dorado Mine in El Salvador. The mine life-cycle video animation was presented to El Salvador’s Environmental Ministry in an educational seminar as part of the EIA review. The 6-minute animated video allowed the reviewing agency to visualize the 10-year mine plan from initial construction through operations, concurrent reclamation and closure. Visually demonstrating the concepts of post-closure beneficial use and sustainable development effectively facilitated and expedited the permitting process through an agency previously unfamiliar with modern mining, closure and reclamation processes.Download pdf file: El Dorado Animation SME 2005

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