Statement of Qualifications

Mankind lives on the earth. While the ground upon which we live seems to be, for the most part, firm, stable and static, in actuality it is dynamic and in a continual state of flux as the lithosphere (the earth's outermost crust) adjusts to the Earth's inner, molten core. In addition, wind, rain, rivers and streams, and human activity continually modify the earth’s surface. Geologic Hazards are naturally occurring (or man-made) geologic conditions capable of causing damage or loss of property and/or life. Geologic Hazards Mitigation is the application of geologic engineering principles to minimize or prevent the effects of naturally occurring geologic hazards.

Geologic hazards phenomena can occur suddenly, or slowly. Sudden phenomena include:

  • Earthquakes - Liquefaction (soils), Tsunamis
  • Volcanic Eruptions - Lava Flows, Ash Fall, Lahars
  • Landslides - Rock Falls or Slides, Debris Flows, Mud Flows
  • Floods - Inundation, Erosion
  • Snow Avalanches
  • Sand Blasting (Windblown)
Gradual or slow developing geologic phenomena include:
  • Ground Settlement
  • Ground Subsidence or Collapse
  • Sinkholes
  • Erosion (stream or shoreline)

Geologic hazards can play a significant role when  infrastructure is constructed in their presence. The unpredictable nature of natural geologic hazards makes identifying, evaluating, and mitigating against them a unique challenge. The best geologic mitigation strategy is always avoidance. When avoiding a hazard is not possible however, mitigation strategies must be developed to coexist (mitigate) with the hazard. Tierra Group has applied its 100+ years combined professional geological and engineering expertise interpreting landforms and earth processes, evaluating earth-structure interaction and providing geologic hazards mitigation consulting or design services for:

  • Avalanche Mitigation - Hazard Area Identification, Hydrodynamic Modeling (Run-out Analyses), Retention and Deflection Structures, Planning, Permitting
  • Landslides (Debris and Mudflows, Rock Fall) - Identification, Monitoring, Modeling, Forensics, Mitigation
  • Slope Stabilization - Retaining Walls, Mechanically Stabilized Earth, Soil and Rock Anchors (bolts), Gabions, Earth Buttresses
  • Ground Improvement - Grouting Programs, Dynamic Compaction, Slurry Walls, Subterranean Dewatering, Seismic Design (Liquefaction)
  • Flooding - Probability, Inundation Studies, Predictive Modeling, Erosion Prevention

Regardless of the geological hazards encountered Tierra Group’s broad experience, intimate attention to site-specific conditions, and keen focus on developing innovative solutions has earned us a respected reputation and a loyal client following, around the world.

Select Geologic Hazards Projects

Midas Gold Project

Midas Gold’s project is located in the remote central Idaho Rockies near the town of Yellow Pine.  It is a brownfields gold-antimony project featuring three open pits and an anticipated 22,000 tpd plant throughput, along with challenging terrain and environmental…


San Andrés Mine

Previous to Tierra Group, our Team performed a geotechnical forensics assessment, which determined that spent ore from an on-off leach pad operation had liquefied causing a debris flow, which threatened inundating a major river basin. A preventative detention buttress was…


Karouni Mine, Hicks 4 Phase 2

Tierra Group conducted a slope stability analysis for Troy Resources’ Hicks 4 Phase 2 North Wall Failure and provided recommendations for stable pit configurations.


Kiaka Feasibility Study Update

Tierra Group lead the Feasibility Study update for the Kiaka project. Tierra Group  updated the TSF, WRD, hydrology / hydraulics, mine planning, and overall assembly and authoring of the updated NI 43-101 Technical Report.


El Mochito Mine

El Mochito is an underground zinc/silver mine located in the Santa Barbara Mountains in north-central Honduras. Tierra Group’s Team has been providing Tailings Stewardship Services at El Mochito continuously for the past 26 years. Since 1989, Tierra Group engineers have provided…


Project Track Technical Review

Tierra Group conducted a pre-investment due diligence Technical Review including; Environmental, Permitting, and Social License; Geology and Mineral Resources; Mining and Reserves; Metallurgy and Process Design; Geotechnical, Hydrology, and Hydrogeology; Project Infrastructure, Heap Leach Facility, and Waste Disposal; and Capital…


San Antonio HLF

Tierra Group provided detailed design and Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) services on a new heap leach pad at the San Antonio Project in Mexico.


La India TSF Feasibility Design

Tierra Group provided a feasibility-level Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) design for Condor Gold’s La India Project permitting, a planned 2,000 tpd open pit mine in western Nicaragua. TSF embankments used rockfill from the open pit and a geomembrane liner for…


Topia Mine

Topia Mine Phases 1-3Tierra Group supervised the first 3 phases of Geologic Mapping and Instrumentation Installation and developed a Mechanically Stabilized Earth Wall Design at Great Panther Silver’s Topia Mine in Durango, Mexico.


La Libertad Mine

Tierra Group engineers designed La Esperanza TSF, a 2.1-km long, 35-m high, earthfill tailings dam with an HDPE lined impoundment footprint of 840,000 m2. Tierra Group  designed and provided Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) for all subsequent downstream dam stages. Stage…


Minera Plata Real | Los Gatos TSF Phase 2

Tierra Group designed a raise of the tailings storage facility (TSF) and provided construction quality assurance for the Los Gatos project in Chihuahua, Mexico.


San Albino Dry Stack Tailings Storage Facility Design

Tierra Group supported construction of the San Albino Mine in Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua. Tierra Group designed a dry stack drum filtered-tailings storage facility. A siting study optimized the dry stack location and minimized CAPEX and OPEX. Tierra Group developed a site-wide water…